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The Firm Organisation Mission Statement

The Firm Organisation's dynamic approach to business ensures we deliver high quality New Customers and unprecedented growth for the clients we represent – our goal is to exceed expectations.  We continually pursue breakthrough ideas for our Customer Service and Direct Marketing approaches, developing international business strategies to maximise new Customer Acquisition.  We are committed to providing a professional working environment that encourages and rewards creativity, teamwork and enthusiasm.  Our people are our most important assets.


Making the move to work in sales helped develop my skills, and the opportunities for learning and travel are endless, and working in an environment where I will always get the chance to move forward excites me every day.

Sarah Clarke

This business has definitely changed my life, giving me the chance to develop skills I would have otherwise remained oblivious to, skills such as leadership coaching and developing others, wealth creation, problem solving, attitude development, public speaking-to name but a few.  The business has also enabled me to travel to parts of the world I would have never gone to and facilitated my stay in hotels I would have only dreamt of.

August Cox-Taylor

I’ve been in the business for four years in total.  I started by being in the field for two years and after that I moved into the administration side of the business.  The business has always matched my attitude towards work well; I want to be successful and have always been motivated by money which really inspired me to be successful in the field.  I thrive in an enthusiastic working environment and this helped me both in the field and in administration.  It’s great to know that I’ve contributed to the business and I find it rewarding to put so much effort into seeing those who work along with us do well.

Richard Finlay

I absolutely loved working here from the word 'GO' I have learned so much about the direct marketing world, administration and Human Resource Management.  What I love the most is the level of enthusiasm of our people.  Seeing someone nervous at their first appointment sitting on the sofa in reception then seeing them stand up and give a speech as they start to advance only a few weeks or months later it’s amazing.

Anet Kerhof

Since moving into administration I realised that it wasn’t always my personal success which motivated me but the success of the business as a whole.  I enjoy being a part of running the business and contributing to the success of every person who starts in the business.

Richard Finlay

Returning to The Netherlands after working in Spain for 5 years as an entertainment co-ordinator, I had spent a lot of time making my manager very rich I was looking for a business where I got the rewards.  Three years ago I did not realise it was an appointment that was about to change my life, the administrator I spoke to was so motivated I wanted to find out why! Hard work was nothing new for me so when I discovered I could run my own business I was very excited.  I have travelled to many countries and stayed in some amazing hotels my next trip is to visit Marketing Companies in Bangkok and Singapore, the chance to learn from so many people is really what puts me ahead of the game.

Dennis De Graaf

The business we are in is a unique business - it is an industry like no other and the success we all enjoy is largely attributed to the way that we work.

Lawrence Lenzi

Since 2003 I have travelled and visited over 20 countries linked with the organisation, I have made money in 5 and lived in 3.  Without their support and training there is no doubt that my career would not be as successful as it has turned out to be.

James O'Grady

It took me 16 months to complete the business development program and since then, it has completely changed the direction of my life.

Rory O’Farrell

I joined the business in 2007 after a career as a semi-professional rugby player.  Being naturally competitive the business was ideal and I enjoyed learning to push myself.  The skills I have been able to develop through learning sales have proved to be invaluable especially self motivation and learning to keep a clear head in difficult situations.  My most memorable occasion though was when I advanced to Stage 3 of the program as it gave me the confidence that I could achieve high goals in the direct sales industry.

Andrew Delbridge

Our USP in regards to the clients we represent is most definitely the fact that people and customers can put a face to the product or service they are being introduced to.  We make the process of customer acquisition more personal for a client which allows them to invest in other areas of their business rather than heavily spending on traditional forms of advertising with no guaranteed return on investment.

James Noone

I immediately fell in love with the business, and thoroughly enjoyed working alongside like-minded people who I had so much in common with in terms of my passion for achieving and my desire for success.

Anu Jain

I was personally recruited by my brother in August 2006 after being a student it was definitely very different.  The most important thing the business has taught me is how to keep focused and to keep trying to hit my goals.   But my best moment has been watching my brother getting promoted to Organisational Head, I know if he can do it so can I.

Rahul Jain

Being part of such an ambitious Organisation has been incredibly inspiring! Seeing people with no experience, but with a massive amount of enthusiasm and a desire to succeed, learn how to run their own office is incredibly motivating and exciting to be part of!

Mars Cowley

The fact that people could actually come into work with a smile on their face and honestly enjoy what they do is a huge selling point for me.  It is simple psychology, when you enjoy doing something you inevitably will achieve more.

Craig Smyth

Having started so young, most of my skills have been developed internally within the company.  In the early days my sales and communication skills were developed very quickly in field sales.  Recruitment and development skills followed with the COD program.  The business ethos of setting the example enabled me to learn how to coach people without many of the theoretical training courses that leaders often go through.  Overall as a practical person my skills have been developed through 'doing' which was certainly for me suited my learning style.  

James O'Grady

After working and meeting people who had achieved so much success from hard-work and determination, I made up my mind to take my opportunity seriously and really make something out of it.  I put a lot of time and effort into coaching and motivating my team, all the time making it bigger and stronger - knowing that the effort you put into your work is the amount that you will get back from it one day.

Sid Jain

Staring in the business has changed my life and the lives of my family.  I never knew how much fun and exciting it was to be to be constantly dealing with and communicating with people.  I also found that I liked setting goals, focusing on them, and achieving them.  I was amazed when I realised how much I could achieve in such a short amount of time if I just put my mind to it!

Liam Lawless

I started in the company after completing a Law degree at Cardiff University.  Having always been a very ambitious person I was looking for my next challenge, and the amount of opportunity the business offered strongly appealed to my ambitious personality.

Anu Jain

I am developing communication & organisational skills more rapidly than any other career could have enabled me to.  I have been to offices around Ireland, the UK and have visited Dubai with my company.  And because of the travelling and the networking, I am becoming more acquainted with many skilled, talented & knowledgeable professionals who prove to be a continuous support to me in my career development.

Emma Doherty

I think our USP for the clients we represent, and also those seeking work is that we are incredibly ambitious and motivated.  I think our drive is contagious and we think really big no matter what.  We know how to achieve our goal.  We also know we must and do have respect for the clients we represent and each other in order achieve our goals.

Liam Lawless

I have grown in confidence have more freedom and choices than I ever thought possible at such a young age.  I have learned how to be more decisive and how to work with people towards hitting their goals.  I have travelled throughout the world, visiting countries that include; Italy, France, Spain, Australia, UAE and Malaysia.  My future business goals are to keep growing my business, expanding both nationally and internationally over the upcoming years.  I want to coach other people into campaign management roles and give back the same opportunity that was given to me.

Rory O'Farrell

From when I started to build a team in 2003 I now possess a wealth of knowledge in coaching and developing people as well as key motivational skills, organizational skills, delegation and business acumen.  These haven’t just come from the office I started in Ireland and the people there- this has come from people all over the world who have achieved huge success in our business.  Over the last few years I have spent time all over Europe, South East Asia, Australia and the Middle East.  I have learnt from people whose organisations are both smaller than mine and are much bigger than mine and for me that is what I love about the business.  I get to travel, stay in nice hotels, see different cultures, different ways of doing things and bring that back and apply these to my own business.

Daryl Burrowes

From when I first joined the company, the best thing I found was that I got recognition & praise from my hard work that I put in.  I love the fact that you get praise and more responsibility from what you achieve and that’s the best reward!

Carla Watson

I have only been with the company for 3 months (November of 2010), but I love it as if I had started it myself.  As for the clients we represent, we are unique in how we conduct our business, that we encourage the growth of motivation and ambition within our offices, and that we LOVE what we do!

Sarah Vito

I think that for people looking for a career, our pure unbridled ambition coupled with the endless advancement opportunities are what really bring them onboard.

Sarah Vito

It’s amazing that you can walk into a business with no experience and 8 to 12 months later be running your own business.  This business has given me everything I have today, and I’ve had a lot of fun doing it and built some great relationships along the way.

Andy Clarke



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